June 24, 2015

Our Patriot Ancestors

Listed on this page are the patriot ancestors of the current members of Castle Rock Chapter NSDAR. Revolutionary War patriots include signers of the Declaration of Independence, members of local and state militias, members of the Continental Army or Continental Navy, men and women who rendered other types of aid to the cause of independence, and those taking oaths of loyalty. Other included patriots are foreign soldiers who served the cause of American independence and Spanish soldiers serving in the presidios at Santa Fe, El Paso, and New Orleans. With a few exceptions, military service began with the Battle of Lexington (19 April 1775) and ended when the British evacuated New York (26 November 1783). Patriots may have also provided civil service, conducting public business in the newly formed American states.

If you have information that one of your ancestors may have aided the cause of freedom during the American Revolution, we may be able to help you establish your genealogical line for DAR membership. If you are interested in documenting your lineage and joining our chapter, or have any questions, please visit our “Membership” page.

Name Location Service Description
Thomas Adams Massachusetts Private
Jonathan Banks Connecticut Patriotic Service
Jonathan Banks Connecticut Patriotic Service
Robert Bloodworth Maryland Patriotic Service
John Bucklin Rhode Island Ensign & Patriotic Service
Daniel Bull New York Private
William Cheney Connecticut Private
Conrad Coder Pennsylvania Patriotic Service
Isaac Colburn Massachusetts Patriotic Service
James Congdon Rhode Island Civil Service & Patriotic Service
Fleet Cooper, Sr North Carolina Patriotic Service
Matthew Cox Virginia Soldier
Thomas Curry Virginia Private
Jonathan Farrar Massachusetts Lieutenant
John Germany Georgia Patriotic Service
Alexander Ferguson Virginia Private & Patriotic Service
Jacob Glessner Pennsylvania Lieutenant & Patriotic Service
Notley Gore Georgia & South Carolina & North Carolina Sargent
John Grover Massachusetts Militiaman & Private
Philip Hammond Virginia Private
Joseph Higginbotham Virginia Sargent
Joseph Holmes New Jersey Patriotic Service
Joseph Howell North Carolina Civil Service & Patriotic Service
Rowland Judd North Carolina Civil Service
Phineas Knapp New York Civil Service & Soldier
Daniel Lake New Jersey Private
Sebastian Lentz Pennsylvania Captain & Patriotic Service
Uriah Loomis Massachusetts Private
Daniel Manton Rhode Island Colonel & Patriotic Service
Nathan Mason Jr Massachusetts Private
Timothy Matlack Pennsylvania Colonel & Patriotic Service
Alexander May Pennsylvania Private
Cornelius Mcclow New Jersey Private
William Mcferrin Sr Pennsylvania Patriotic Service & Soldier
Daniel Mcjunkin South Carolina Private
John Mead New Jersey Captain & Patriotic Service
Nathaniel Mead New York Lieutenant
Morgan Morgan Virginia Lieutenant
George North Pennsylvania Lieutenant & Quartermaster
Richard Parsons Virginia Patriotic Service
William Petty Sr Virginia Patriotic Service
Drury Puckett Virginia Soldier
Azariah Root Massachusetts Lieutenant Colonel & Patriotic Service
James Ross Sr Pennsylvania Patriotic Service
Edward Shimer Pennsylvania Captain & Patriotic Service
Peter Simonton Pennsylvania Private
Robert Simonton Sr Pennsylvania Patriotic Service
Sarah Duke Snelgrove South Carolina Patriotic Service
John Sowers North Carolina Private
Levi Spalding New Hampshire Captain & Civil Service
Reuben Stockwell Connecticut Non-Commissioned Officer
William Tunnicliff New York Private
John White Jr Virginia & Pennsylvania Civil Service & Major
John White Sr Virginia & Pennsylvania Civil Service
Gerardus Wynkoop Pennsylvania Lieutenant
Ebenezer Zane Virginia Lieutenant
as of: January 9, 2017